Chaffers Marina is owned and operated by Chaffers Marina Ltd which has been granted a Marina Licence to operate the marina.  The licence expires in 2058.

Occupancy of a berth at Chaffers Marina can be effected in two ways;

  • by becoming a berth tenant
  • by being a berth licencee.
berths at chaffers marina

The Basics:

·         Chaffers Marina Ltd (CML) is a company owned by Chaffers Marina Holdings Ltd (CMHL).  By purchasing a block of shares in CMHL, the shareholder is entitled to be granted a Licence to Occupy a certain berth in the marina.  Essentially each block of shares is assigned to a berth.

·         The person owning a Share block, having been granted a Licence to Occupy, is then able to berth their vessel providing that they conform to the rules of the marina.  For example a vessel that is over 16 meters could not be berthed in a 16 meter berth.

·         As a Berth Licencee you are subject to certain fees such as an Annual Licence fee, and an Asset & Maintenance Fee, both of which will be invoiced on a monthly basis.

·         All vessels berthed in the marina must have current insurance. A valid Warrant of Electrical Fitness is required if they will be plugged into the service pillar.  A copy of the insurance and the WOEF must be provided to the Marina office.

How to Rent a Berth

·        CML manages all unoccupied berths on behalf of the berth licencee.  Renting a berth for a short period or on a long term basis can only be done by contacting the marina office.  Private arrangements for berth rentals with a berth licencee are not allowed, this being one of the terms of the Licence to Occupy.

Process for Berth Licence Sales

·         From time to time the Share Blocks come on the market and are available for purchase.  Owners of share Blocks (Berths) can market these as they see fit.  Some options include: Private sale, or through an approved Broker, Trade me, or the Marina office.

What is critical is that once the block of shares is put on the market CML is informed.

Why?:   CML holds a list of all berths that are available for sale or available to rent.

CML charges the following fees:

·         a Share Transfer Fee to administer share block transfers, and

·         a Licence Re-grant Fee to administer and prepare the issue of a new Licence to Occupy

CML is happy to provide Share transfer forms, and Sale and Purchase documents.

How to become a Berth Licensee

·         Contact the marina office, or any broker listing the berths, or you may find one on Trade Me.

·         Please make sure your vessel will fit in the berth you are interested in and complies with marina rules.  These are available from the Marina office and web site.

·         You must provide your full details to the vendor as all share sales must be approved by the CMHL Board and the vendor must advise these details for such approval.  Forms are available at the Marina Office to make it easier for you.

·         Negotiate a purchase price remembering the two fees that are payable to CML

·         Complete the Share Transfer Form and any signed Agreement as these must be provided to the marina company to effect the Share Transfer and granting of a new licence.